Where I'm at and where I've been hiding ;-)

Hi guys, Fiora here.

Lately I've been doing one of my disappearing acts but I'm writing this post because this latest one has not just been to work on new music. Infact, over the past year or so I've been going through quite the internal transformation. I'm still in love with music but in a weird way part of the reason I hate posting on social media is because I feel strangely trapped and creatively limited by who I'm meant to be on there - obviously you know me as a singer and songwriter and that's not a lie. But more and more, I want to indulge lots of different creative and musical passions and share them all, there's much more truth to that when it comes to who I am (a polyphonic person) - and in addition - I'm much more excited by getting to know other people/giving encouragement than posting about myself. 

So this year I'm changing it up, setting myself free, everybody's freeeeeeeeeeeeee ;-) to feel good! Right!?

So while I'll always sing and write songs, this year I'm growing into the other things I do or have always wanted to do and I hope you'll bare with me as I just share all of it. 

On the music tip for the past year I've been working on a project that I'm incredibly excited about, (no I mean REALLY) and it's a band project called Gemini Rising. I'm the singer in the band, and I wrote the songs together with Lester Mendez and Tensnake, but this project is a new sound to not be confused with anything else I've ever done before. So its' Gemini Rising.

In addition - something Completely new for me this year is I've been developing some online courses. Over the years many people have asked me about singing tips and I *know* how bizarre learning to sing can be so I've been putting together an online singing course which will go live in the next few months. You can stalk it at www.SingSchool.com . To be honest that has been an insane amount of work (I'm dying!!) but I wanted to do it well (of course) and I'm genuinely excited to share the things I've learned over the years. 

Finally - before the year is out - I want to revisit my orchestral writing. Maybe Flyphoenixx 2 or maybe something less elves-in-the-forest sounding.... Lets see if I can make that happen. 

But for now those are the two BIG things I've been working on lately, and I hope it won't be too confusing in future when I post about them both and whatever new things come. Creativity just needs to flow and if we're honest - and we want to be honest - we're all polyphonic people in the end. Thanks for reading me and for embracing whatever comes next!! I'm so grateful. 

Big Love 



Lyrics - LET IT GO BY

If you're not brave enough to call,

If you can't find the words to say "I'm Broken"

If you can't stand to face the fall

with your shaking hands, your wounds wide open


I won't desert you

We can pass the time

Counting the seconds

Let it Go By, Let it Go By, Let it Go By


Let it Go By, Let it Go By, Let it Go By, Let it go By

Til we reach the other side......


And when it's heavy on your chest

and you can't find the words to say "I'm Sorry"

I will wait the time it takes, 'til hurts start to fade


Let it Go By, Let it Go By, Let it Go By, Let it go By

Til you reach the other side......

Til you reach the other side......


I'm sorry... I'm broken... I'm sorry... I'm broken






The album - YOU WILL BE TAUGHT TO FLY - is out now!!

Hi guys,

It was a huge journey for me, a pretty internal one in a way, but the album "You will be taught to fly" is now available on all the digital stores and you can get signed CD's from me at my bandcamp ... here's that link....


This is probably the most personal music I have ever made, and maybe will make, at least for a while. But somehow the process of creating it and launching it out into the world really changed me, set me free in a way, so thanks for giving me that opportunity with all your love and support always <3

Fiora xx

Lyrics - POCKETS

Don’t you wish you could have known,

Guess it’s funny how it gets you sometimes

Travel in the come and go,

With the shadows whispering fast behind

To feed you to your gods

So you fill that empty cup you carry

with all the things you should have known, 

but let it go


You only reap what you sow, 

So love the way that you know

And line your pockets with gold

Pockets with gold

Though loves a pleasure to hold

Some things are better let go

So line your pockets with gold

Pockets with gold


I can see how far it goes

When you lose yourself you bleed into me

So teach me how to breathe below

In the dark you left your laugh behind

To fall in furrowed sense

When you’re all at peace and still like diamonds

Gathering your magic slow

So let it go


You only reap what you sow, 

So love the way that you know

And line your pockets with gold

Pockets with gold

For love’s a pleasure to hold

So lose the critic in tow

And line your pockets with gold

Pockets with gold

Human Race (available now)

I know I'm a bit late on this post, there's always so much going on, but Human Race, which I released in August is a song written by one of my closest friends - who also happens to be of the most ridiculous musician's I know - Paul Hankinson. 

I've known Paul since we both studied at the Queensland Conservatorium together - he studied piano and composition, and me classical voice. Since then he has been a huge part of my life in really every way - musically and personally. We started out as students performing Lieder and Art song together, we even composed some at that time, and for those in the know, Paul is also the pianist who worked with me on that first classical recording "Art Songs." 

This recording is Paul himself performing the 4 separate piano parts, which were recorded in Berlin by Martin Offik at Traumton studios, it was mixed by Miles Walker with mastering by Johnny Horesco. Paul and I developed the choral arrangement one day at my house. Vocals recorded by me.

Fiora xx

The Truth about "Tornado" and songwriting in general...

Songwriting in itself is such a strange and magical process to me. No matter how many years I've been doing it, it's still one of the most elusive, unexpected and strange creative processes in my life. You can have days where it feels really forced but you still have to do the work - and days where something is just taking you over and it's all pouring out. Great things can come from either side of the spectrum, but there is no way around the fact that you simply have to do the work.

And sometimes that just means having enough space with no interruptions to go for your life when an idea hits. 

(this might explain my occasionally awol nature on social media ;-) ) 

People are often sending me playbacks and instrumental things to create lyrics and melodies on and when I first started writing full time I tried to write on absolutely everything - but as I went along I realised the only things that I'd listen to more than once, regardless of the technical songwriting aspects - were things where my heart was genuinely involved from the beginning. Sounds obvious but that feeling doesn't come along every day and you just can't force it. But it really keeps you honest, because you don't actually get to choose (with your brain at least) what you love and you can't (well at least I can't) fake it - it kind of chooses you. 

When I've had that feeling it's as though the lyrics write themselves. The melodies become obvious to the point they can't be anything else and they come with words relatively fully formed. I have absolutely no idea how it happens, somewhere in the mash up of emotions, vocabulary and voice. Just gotta try to "keep the channel open." 

Tornado was like that. It's not a conventional song by any means and i know that, but somehow my heart is really in it and I just had to go with that. 

Robert Koch had sent me a bunch of instrumental tracks and this one in particular was really different. It sounded to me like old school Jam and Lewis (Janet Jackson's producers) but it really had this emotional intensity in it -  I started with "and I can hear it, on the air now, with the taste of, my surrender and I can't seem to change my fate" .... and suddenly I had this strange song that somehow felt very real to me. 

Niemerski (Tensnake) and I decided to reproduce it and we worked for a long time to get it right because we really didn't have any examples of how such a vocal song, almost choral, with explosive choruses could retain a kind of emotional honesty and intensity - while also being lifted (and not dragged down) by production. It was his idea to take it in that drum n bass direction and I love the sheer physicality of that sound - but I also love the atmospheric sound design he made in the verses. 

Of all the songs on the record Tornado is by far the most dynamic and intensely electronic of them all. 

The Gulp (& you can now pre-order the album!)

I read in Austin Kleon's  Show Your Work that "The Gulp" is the the space between finishing something and sharing it with the world. The interlude where the work has stopped "belonging" to you... but you haven't released it so it doesn't yet belong to anyone else. Until last week, that's where I was  - I spent a long time in "The Gulp."

Making this record took me a lot of time for reasons I'll go into more later. But basically I wanted to create a sound that just couldn't be rushed. It was really more of a search for a sound that fused together the world of vocals that were the dominant feature, with electronic production and classical elements. I didn't have a template to go by so it was very much go by feel, which just takes time.

It can be quite a challenge in itself knowing when you're finished when you're creating something new. When you're talking about every tiny detail of ten songs or more, basically I drew the line at losing my mind ;-)

It's not always this way but making this music in particular, was (at least for me) such an intense emotional and creative experience. It's a strange feeling to go from that, to releasing it which is essentially a series of unemotional steps - quite cold in a way.

But I am so happy to be able to start sharing with you the musical journey I've been on.

You can pre-order the album here


More soon



Lyrics - TORNADO

Music and Lyrics by Fiora

I feel it swarming, warm like your whisper, circling round my head

World speeding up as our feet hit the dust can't outrun what we can't forget

Fear takes a grip on me

Can't wait and see coz we got nowhere to hide, we got nowhere to hide

Mortality will hit me right between the eyes

Coz we're so out of control - you say you won't let me go

But I can hear it on the air now, with the taste of my surrender and I can't seem to change my fate

And I can feel it, like thunder, and with the full force pulling me under to take me away, to take me away




Blood rushing silence, push me to shove as the certainty takes effect

Face the horizon that's burning my eyes with all the pieces that we have left

And my complacency - empower me coz it's too late for the fall, here at the end of it all

I face the fear that fills me to show me my regret, and now as all things take hold you say you won't let me go

But I can hear it, on the air now with the taste of my surrender and I can't seem to change my fate

And I can feel it, like thunder, and with the full force, pulling me under to take me away, to take me away




To crush the air from my lungs,

To crush the air from my lungs

To crush the air from my lungs.

*written by Fiora